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Welcome to SayWhat Magazine! This is a place where you can find many interesting things to read. Two good friends, Daniel and Julie, made this magazine. They love to write, learn, and imagine. SayWhat Magazine is not just a normal blog. It’s a special place to find stories that make you think and feel happy.

What We Want to Do

At SayWhat Magazine, we have a simple goal. We want to tell you about things in a fun way that makes you feel good. We hope our stories will make you curious and want to talk to others. We also hope they will help make the world a little bit better. We write about many things – new events, personal stories, and big ideas. We always try to write so that everyone can understand and enjoy.

Who We Are

The two friends who started SayWhat Magazine are Daniel Foreman and Julie R. Pinkham. They know a lot about different things, so they can write about many topics.

Daniel shares important ideas about business. He writes about starting a company, doing well at work, new technologies like crypto and blockchain, digital marketing, education, and technology.

Julie loves fashion, beauty, cars, health, home decorating, law, lifestyle, and travel. She shares her knowledge and experiences in these areas.

Why We Started

We made SayWhat Magazine because we wanted a place on the internet to share the things we love and know a lot about. We think everyone should be able to read interesting, fun, and inspiring things. SayWhat Magazine is our way to help make that happen.

Come Along With Us

No matter what you want to read about – life advice, news about movies and TV, or new ways to think about the world – SayWhat Magazine is here for you! Join us as we learn, create, and share our writing. We’re always finding new things to write about, so follow us to see what’s next.

SayWhat Magazine is made for readers like you. Let’s talk about all the great things we can read and learn together! You can email us at [saywhatmagazine7@gmail.com] or find us on social media to share your thoughts. We love hearing from our readers as we continue to make this website better together.

With their diverse backgrounds and skills, Daniel Foreman and Julie R. Pinkham bring a wealth of knowledge to SayWhat Magazine. Their articles cover many topics and give readers valuable information and inspiration.

Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Mattie Stepanek

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Abigail Evanson

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